Greenway trails picture

Directions from your location to particular parking areas along the Greenway are provided with the assistance of GPS Coordinates. Lots with washroom facilities are indicated.

Visiting Phase 1 (the 8 km of the Greenway closest to Okanagan Lake):

Visiting Phase 2 (the Greenway 8 to 16 km from Okanagan Lake):

Visiting Phase 3 (under construction):

mission creek greenway trail map

Visiting Phase 1 of Greenway (Getting there & Parking):

P1. Cook Rd Parking. Washrooms:

Latitude N49 50.724, Longitude W119 29.301

P2. Lexington Rd Parking. Washrooms:

Latitude N49 50.522, Longitude W119 28.633

P3. Casorso Rd/Swamp Rd. Parking:

Latitude N49 50.686, Longitude W119 27.992

P4. KLO Rd Parking:

Latitude N49 51.614, Longitude W119 26.599

P5. EECO Parking. Washrooms:

Latitude N49 52.647, Longitude W119 25.853

P6. Ziprick Rd Parking:

Latitude N49 52.653, Longitude W119 25.857

Visiting Phase 2 of Greenway (Getting there & Parking):

P7. Gerstmar Park. Washrooms:

Latitude N49 52.632, Longitude W119 24.527

P8. Hollywood Rd Parking:

Latitude N49 52.371, Longitude W119 23.877

P9. Hollywood Rd South Parking. Washrooms:

Latitude N49 51.853, Longitude W119 23.358

P10. Field Rd Parking. Portable Outhouse:

Latitude N49 50.357, Longitude W119 22.105